Incubus (written by Ovri)


Well, the consensus appears to be overwhelmingly in favour of dirty, at least every now and again. Not to worry, I’ll still do plenty of cleaner things too, poetry/literature readings and dirty whispers, etc.

Here’s a requested script I performed elsewhere, entitled Incubus (written by Ovri). It contains demonic seduction, lucid dreaming, domination and some dirty talking/vulgar terms, so consider yourself warned. It is most definitely NOT safe for work, and rest assured I’ll tag all these sorts of things as such. I decided to perform it in a voice that I think is pretty much identical to my Loki voice, but it’s not meant to be Loki himself (though I suppose you could certainly picture it that way, if you wanted.)

There’s also an alternate version which was pitched down to create a much deeper, demonic voice. It sounds a bit like Idris Elba’s Heimdall from Thor, actually.

Feel free to let me know if you enjoyed it, it’s always nice to hear.